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Harmonic Harmony, one of the worlds leading innovative car audio solutions introduces Electronic High Definition Filter (EHD Filter), the most essential and advanced filter device designed to optimize audio performance.

  • Compact dimensions to use with any kind of car audio system

  • Manufactured only with superior audio quality components

  • The very best filter device available in the market in providing optimum performance

EHD Filter is available in:

EHD Digitals | EHD Electronics | EHD Ground | EHD Sources

EHD Slider Digitals.jpg

Unveils the highest level of performance from digital source components for optimum musicality and transparency.


  • Input voltage: 9 - 16 Volts

  • Output voltage: 5 Volts or 12 Volts

  • Isolated input and output supply

  • Use for: all digital source (head unit, streamer, server)

EHD Slider Electronics.jpg

Provides high-quality power distribution to the entire audio system allowing major improvement in the overall sound.


  • Working voltage: 9 - 16 Volts

  • Internal balancer to avoid car battery leakage

  • Possible for parallel configuration (2 units or more)

  • Use for: all audio equipments

EHD Slider Electronics.jpg

Effectively shields audio equipment from RFI and EMI noise for increased musical energy and realism.


  • Star grounding

  • Optimized for up to 4 audio equipments

  • Use for:

    • amplifier heatsink​, head unit & DSP casing

    • power ground block

    • speaker negative terminal

    • RCA shield

EHD Slider Sources.jpg

Provides clean and undistorted electrical supply for source components to obtain profound audio performance improvement.


  • Working voltage: 10 - 16 Volts

  • Maximum current: 4 Amperes

  • Use for: head unit, streamer, digital signal processor (DSP)